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The creed

Well-being and trust have never been a minor part of our company life. Instead, they are the foundations on which Borsato Interior was born, raised and keeps on growing to this day. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that precisely these values allowed us to take the well-acknowledged lead.

Furniture is vital for mental and physical wellbeing. Manufacturing custom-made, high-quality furniture means, in the first place, working for human beings. That implies a profound, sensitive and careful vision. That’s why today we’re working for a responsible well-being, so we can meet the needs of tomorrow’s world.

BORSATO INTERIOR asks its workers and partners all this, because that’s exactly what BORSATO INTERIOR must and wants to offer: a contribution to improve life quality.


Being responsible means providing a respectful decor – both of the environment and human beings.
It means sharing our success with the area that hosts us.


We love what we do and we do what we love. Productivity is vital to us but should never be obtained at the expense of individuals’ well-being. We are committed to creating the best possible work conditions to enable anyone to make the best of their talent.


For us, it means continuing our past generations’ work and dream without jeopardising the future of the next generations. It means fulfilling the promise we gave, as well as integrity, clear communication, and responsible freedom.


Putting customers’ needs first requires an ongoing updating of solutions, flexibility, open-mindedness, humility, and team work.

Beauty, respect, solidarity, trust, commitment, happiness, sense of responsibility, faith, continuous improvement: these words – which are often overused – are transformed by BORSATO INTERIOR into well-being and concrete results every day

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